LP Cup Day 3 – Wednesday

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Soo day three! It was an absolutely gorgeous day sailing today.  Imagine just about a perfect day and that was exactly what we had. Sunny, fabulous wind, open water venue, big fun waves, warm, GORGEOUS. I was thinking “oooh wouldn’t

LP Cup Day 2 – Tuesday

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Tuesday. Fun day sailing! It turns out that we are being coached by Anna Tunnicliffe, two-time Olympian with an olympic gold meddle in laser radials in 2008. I’d seen her name on the LP Cup website but hadn’t realized who

LP Cup Day 1 – Monday

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I’m in Connecticut! Woke up at 4:30am, check. 5am traffic in Seattle, check. Long but expeditious security line, check. Flight, check. Fly into NY, check. Meet ride (Reza) at JFK, check. Long (2-3hr) ride to New Haven (including an interesting

Robyn’s Collegiate Sailing – LP Collegiate Cup I

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Hello! I’m Rosalind Robyn Lesh, Will’s oldest daughter. I’ve worked in Tippecanoe Boats for years and years since I was a youngster. For the last couple of years I have been going to school in Boston at MIT. I am

T37 Class Notes

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The T37 Class is thriving and growing! With over 2,300 boats sailing, new fleets and regattas are being established across the United States and internationally. We are excited to announce that the first Canadian T37 National Championships will be held

Tippecanoe Teams Up with Nordstrom!

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  In late September Tippecanoe received an exciting call from Washington’s favorite fashion retailer Nordstrom.  They were looking for some attractive sailboats to augment the rollout of their 2014 Spring line.  600 boats to be exact!  Considering each boat at

Tippecanoe Boat in Flash Forward the movie

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In case you havent heard, Tippecanoe boats were featured in ABC’s TV show, Flash Forward in 2009!  The show purchased two finished T15’s.  To view the movie go to: http://www.modelsailboat.com/flashfor.html  

Letter from Customer

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Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for a great kit. We had a blast building our T-27. Your instructions are very clear and everything was accurate. I used this kit as a test to see if I liked building boats.

T37 Class Report

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The T37 Class has grown to 1300 boats. Some of the boats built recently are absolutely gorgeous with splendid detail being added with exotic veneers and perfect paint and varnish jobs. The Regional Championships were sponsored by the Seattle Yacht