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I’m Rosalind Robyn Lesh, Will’s oldest daughter. I’ve worked in Tippecanoe Boats for years and years since I was a youngster. For the last couple of years I have been going to school in Boston at MIT. I am studying Mechanical Engineering-Ocean Engineering and sailing avidly on the sailing team.

My sister and I just got back from a month long trip sailing our 24-foot boat “Gimble” in Desolation Sound, BC, Canada. Gimble is the western red cedar 24-foot sailboat that Will built and sailed across the  Atlantic and all through the Mediterranean. My sister and I took two weeks, gave Gimble a full touch-up with painted topsides, bottom and refreshed bright-work, and headed north for a month. We adventured all through Desolation Sound with adventures ranging from exciting windy crossings to swimming Gimble through areas of becalm-ment. (yes we are lucky ducks!)

Tomorrow we’re about to head off for another week of sailing with our two friends from Michigan, Harold and Artemis (9th year in a row of summer sailing adventures) before heading back to the east coast to…..

sail in the LaserPerformance International Collegiate Cup hosted by LaserPerformance at Yale. Quite an exciting start to my senior year of sailing! The regatta will be 80+ sailors from 7 countries, spending five days competing at the Yale Corinthian Yacht Club in Brandford, CT.

My teammates will be some of the top collegiate women sailors from all over the country. (new friends!) (So far we’ve been working on where we’re going to be staying…).

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Sail Fast and Have Fun,