T47 Fairharbor Schooner


  A traditional two-masted wooden RC schooner. The wood construction adds a beauty and authenticity to this RC Sailboat that is incomparable. Out on the water the T47 RC Schooner tacks and sails with a grace and splendor that brings back the great age of sailing vessels. The wood hull is constructed of pre-cut 1/8 inch mahogany marine plywood pieces that go together very easily with a marine epoxy that is not only incredibly strong but also remarkably easy to use.




Everything is included in the kit except AA batteries, paint and varnish. The sails are already sewn. This is a fun project for any adult or for an adult/youngster team. The rudder is controlled with one servo, and all four sails are controlled with the second servo. The rudder servo and the ultra-torque sail servo are included along with all of the radio control gear, hand-held transmitter, receiver, battery box, on/off switch. The RC gear is full power 2.4 ghz hobby gear with the same range as the gear that RC airplanes use.


It feels great to be able to say, “I built it!”



T47 Schooner Kit, everything included: $625.00

Sail Colors:

Select the sail color combination and then

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T47 Finished: $1,900

Everything included, ready to sail. Please call for availability of finished boats.





T47 Table Stand: $45.00

For indoor display, this stainless steel rod table stand makes an elegant, but unobtrusive way to display your T47 RC Schooner when you are not sailing. Permanently attached vinyl cushions protect your table surface and protect the bottom of the schooner.



T47 Wall Stand: $30.00 

For indoor display, this stand elegantly displays your finished T37 on the wall of your home. 



T47 Lakeside Stand: $45.50 

Designed for the T47, the T37 or the T52, the Lakeside Stand is the ideal stand for setting up your boat at the lakeside! The wide base makes the stand exceptionally stable. The stand folds for easy transportation and storage. The Lakeside Stand comes as a simple kit that can be assembled in 20 minutes.


T47 Varnish Kit: $24.50

Three vials of marine varnish, a varnish brush and 220 grit sandpaper. This varnish kit is one possible option for finishing off your T47. Any marine or exterior varnish or paint will work but this is an easy option. Due to postal regulations we cannot ship varnish internationally. 


T47 Veneer Deck Kit: $25.00

The T47 Veneer Deck Kit includes strips of Honduras mahogany which can be added to a standard deck to embellish the deck for a traditional appearance.