Marblehead T50




The Marblehead T50 is one of the newer additions to the Tippecanoe family of beautiful model sailboats! Designed by Will Lesh, the Marblehead T50 is specifically made to race in the highly competitive Marblehead (50/800) class. The Marblehead T50’s concept is based on the more traditional T50 Racing Sloop and T50 Carbon Fiber Racing Sloop. Then, everything has been taken to the extreme for the optimum in speed and performance.


The Marblehead T50’s  super powerful, tall rig (in fact, the rig alone is over seven feet high!) is outfitted with sleek, fast mylar racing sails. A super light-weight carbon fiber and kevlar hull, sophisticated and strong high-performance sail servo, and the high tensile stainless steel single-strand rigging wire also help to increase power and to keep the Marblehead T50 extremely light.


The hull, including all the RC gear and batteries, weighs a mere 1 pound 11 ounces! To support the very tall ‘A’ rig, the keel bulb is seven pounds.


The Marblehead T50 is the ultimate in Marblehead Class racing! If you are looking for a boat which also sails beautifully and is made with less of an emphasis on weight reduction and class racing, you may want to also consider the T50 Racing Sloop. The T50 Racing Sloop’s build process is moderately complex, but not difficult, while the Marblehead T50’s building process is  complex with considerable detail.


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T50 Marblehead Kit: $1,542.00




T50 Marblehead Finished.

Ready-to-sail. Please call for availability of finished boats.



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