Accessories for Radio-Controlled Sailboats


Hat – T37

T37 Hat
The T-37 hat is a stylish cap to wear to all of your T-37 wooden model RC boat races and to keep the sun out of your eyes! The hat is adjustable to fit all sizes with a brass sliding clasp (no velcro!). The T37 emblem is embroidered on the front of the cap. Available in khaki. Join the T37 family. A great conversation starter at any gathering.








T37 Hat: $24.00






Vinyl Bow Bumpers – T27, T37, T50, T52, T65, Fits All

Most T-37 racing fleets require bow bumpers to protect both boats in the event of a collision. With the bow bumper, it doesn’t make much difference how hard you hit. If it’s your fault, just say, “My Bad!”, do your circle and carry on sailing. No damage done! This bow bumper is made from clear vinyl and is less expensive than the silicone bow bumper, but will still do the job. The same bow bumper fits all of our rc sailing boats, except the T47.


Vinyl Bow Bumper: $7.50







Silicone Bow Bumpers – T37 and T52 only

Silicone Bow Bumper
Another option for preventing damage in collisions. These molded silicone bow bumpers protect the bow from being damaged! Ultimate impact protection!







Silicone Bow Bumper: $14.00







Sail Numbering Stencil Kit

Numbering Stencil
Prepare your RC Sailboat for racing and display! Place the Class Logo

and your unique hull numbers on your sail!

Kit includes:

  • 2 sets of unique hull number Stencils – one for each side of the sail
  • 2 Class Logo Stencils – one for each side of the sail
  • Bottle of Sealant
  • 1 Piece of Microfiber Cloth
  • Sail Fabric and Extra Stencil for Practice
  • Instructions




Sail Numbering Stencil Kit: $60.00

Your Hull Number







Heavy Air Rig – T37 Only

Heavy Air Rig
The T-37 Heavy Air Rig is perfect for when you want to go out on a terrifically windy day and sail your T-37! You can sail in incredible winds when the boat could not be sailed with the standard rig.

The Heavy Air Rig comes complete with carbon fiber mast, carbon fiber booms, and all the hardware, sails and rigging. At the lake, switching from the standard rig to the Heavy Air Rig takes just over a minute. Unhook the forestay and backstay, slide the mast out, and slide in the Heavy Air Rig mast and off you go!

The Heavy Air Rig is 10 inches shorter than the standard rig, but the booms and the foot of the sails are the same length as on the standard rig. There is not a lot of sail area sacrificed, but the sail area is lower down and has considerably less heeling moment so the boat can take an incredible blow. Downwind, the bow lifts up and the boat gets up on top of the water and just flies! Without the tall rig pushing the bow down, you will never have a tendency to dig in or drive the bow under – this lets you hit incredible speeds.


Heavy Air Rig: $108.00

Sail Colors






Racing Strategy/Tuning DVDs – All Racing Boats



DVD #1

Racing Strategy and Tactics presented by Olympic Gold Medal winning skipper Jonathan McKee and his brother Bates McKee: Both Jonathan and Bates have been active T-37 skippers for years and top competitors in big boat racing on Puget Sound as well. Jonathan’s 42 foot carbon fiber race boat “Dark Star” is one of the fastest boats in its size range on Puget Sound (click here for pictures of “Dark Star”). In the DVD Jonathan presents key aspects of strategy which cover assessing the conditions on the race course as well as mental preparation. Bates has years of sailing experience including coaching the sailing team for the University of Washington. Bates presents a full range of tactical considerations for dealing with boat on boat situations as they develop on the race course. Both presentations are dynamic and full of excellent observations that will help any skipper keep focused and tuned.

DVD #2

Bob Stern on Rigging and Tuning: This is the classic video that covers every aspect of rigging and tuning your RC yacht. This information is invaluable for making your boat go fast in every imaginable wind condition. Bob Stern has designed and built some of the fastest racing boats in several classes. Most notable is his “Venom” design in the U.S. One Meter class. Bob is a legend in his own right and his folky and friendly presentation is fun and very informative.


DVD Set (Both #1 and #2): $15.00






Lakeside/Floor Stands – T27, T37, T47, T52, T50, T65

Lakeside Stand

Lakeside Stand for the T27, T37, T47, and T52 Models


The Lakeside Stand is the ideal stand for setting up your boat at the lakeside! The wide base makes the stand exceptionally stable, and the design allows the boat to heel over without falling off the stand. The stand folds for easy transportation and storage. This stand can also be used for indoor display, although the footprint is significantly larger than the Table Stand. The Lakeside Stand comes as a simple kit that can be assembled in 20 minutes. Varnishing is optional.





Lakeside Stand for T27: $45.00




Lakeside Stand for T37: $45.00




Lakeside Stand for T47: $45.50




Lakeside Stand for T52: $50.00




Lakeside Stand

Lakeside Stand for the T50 and T65 Models


The Lakeside Stand for the T50 and the T65 is taller and allows for the longer keel on these two boats. It is the ideal stand for setting up your boat at the lakeside! The wide base makes the stand quite stable, and the design allows the boat to heel over without falling off the stand. The stand folds for easy transportation and storage. This stand can also be used for indoor display. The Lakeside Stand comes as a simple kit that can be assembled in 20 minutes. Varnishing is optional.



T50 Lakeside/Floor Stand: $56.00




T65 Lakeside/Floor Stand: $65.00





Table Stand – T37

Table StandStainless steel rod construction with clear rubber cushions and feet. This stand displays elegantly indoors and can also be used outdoors on calm days. For blustery days, you want to use the outdoor stand which will hold the boat safely in strong winds. In strong winds, the boat may blow off the indoor stand, but it will not blow off the outdoor stand because of the larger footprint on the outdoor stand which makes the stand very stable and because the boat is allowed to heel over on the outdoor stand without blowing off.


T37 Table Stand: $25.00







Wall Stand – T37

Wall Stand
The T-37 Wall Stand is large enough to display the T-37. This wall stand, just like the wall stands for the T12, T15 and T Class (T18), hangs on an ordinary picture hook for displaying your Tippecanoe boat. The stand is closed in the front so the keel is captured. It is made of 1/8 inch 316 grade stainless steel, with clear vinyl cushions. On display, your boat will add an elegant nautical flair to a room and will always be a fun reminder of your latest adventures out on the water.







T37 Wall Stand: $21.50






Carbon Fiber Mast – T37

For boats that already have a carbon fiber mast, this would be redundant, but for boats with the original wooden masts, the carbon fiber mast can be an upgrade that will please the skipper. In strong winds, the carbon fiber mast stays perfectly straight and does not bend with the wind. This can be a fun, high-tech addition. The carbon fiber mast is required for the T-37 Racing Upgrade Kit Retrofit Package which upgrades the standard T-37 to the racing version.


T37 Carbon Fiber Mast: $17.50






T37 Racing Upgrade Kit Retrofit Package – T37 only

If you started with the Standard T-37 Kit and now want to upgrade to the racing version, everything you need is included in this Retrofit Package to give the standard boat all the same features as the Racing Upgraded T-37! The starting point for upgrading is the carbon fiber mast, which is sold separately and not included in the Retrofit Package. Upgrading to the racing version can be a fun winter project.


T37 Racing Upgrade Kit Retrofit Package: $95.00