Colorful Sailboat Mobile


Colorful mobilePackaged neon mobile















A perfect gift for sailors and anyone who enjoys the water, the mobile hangs from the ceiling with a push pin and can be placed in any indoor space. It is well-suited to bedrooms, living areas, dentist offices, and any indoor area.


Made of four colorful sailboats, this mobile sails continuously in the air-currents and adds a fun and nautical flare to any room. The boats are suspended from three thin, high tensile steel rods that move easily around each other as the boats sail through the air.


The four cute sailboats in the mobile are each 5 inches long and made of solid mahogany beautifully varnished for a long-lasting lifetime gliding the air-currents of your room. The sails are available in a variety of color combinations to suit any room or space. The sailboat mobile is completely assembled and ready to hang.


Red and blue mobile



Colorful Sailboat Mobile: $46.95





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