Tippecanoe leads the industry in design, performance, customer appeal and customer loyalty. Tippecanoe Boats are the only fast-sailing wooden model sailboats available today.

Call for wholesale price information…¬† 1-800-206-0006


Wholesale orders to new storefront accounts can be started in the following way:
1. The first two orders will be paid for by a credit or debit card upon shipment of the order (if you would prefer, you may also mail a check or money order and we will ship the boats as soon as we receive the payment). A credit application will be sent to you on the placement of a second order.
2. After processing your credit application, a credit account will be established. Terms are Net 30 Days.

There is a $350 minimum on all wholesale orders.

This is a product you can feel good about selling because of the excellent quality. The product does everything it says it will do and more. Our customers frequently remark on how unusual this is. Entirely made in the U.S., we back our product 100%.

We guarantee you excellent service and quick shipping times. We usually ship the day after receiving an order.

Tippecanoe Boats are perfect adult gifts, they are perfect for families and perfect for youngsters.