T50 and T37, Hong Kong.

Hi Will,
We sailed the T50 today-it was very fast. It was launching off the waves upwind and overtaking them downwind. Very happy with the quality of the kit and the end product- thanks Will.

Matt built his T37 first and then a few weeks later started to build his T50.

Both turned out to be splendid yachts. He built both boats in record time and built them under rather unique conditions, as you will see below in reading the series of notes that he sent to me over a few weeks.

Thanks, Matt, for sending such great pictures! I especially love the picture of your son standing behind the T50, holding the boat up, steady for the picture. It makes the boat look so huge! The launching picture above is another one of my favorites! It is great fun to have our boats sailing in Hong Kong!!



Hi there,
We thought you would like to see some photos of our new T37 Hull #1121 which we finished and launched today in Hong Kong. It took only 1 week to build, all of the building was done in my bedroom due to the constraints of HK living! (very understanding wife). A great way to spend Boxing day in beautiful winter weather. I have 3 young sons (2 are pictured) who think that Dad should now buy the T50mod kit for our next adventure. Thanks for a great kit, all went together perfectly with the help of your great builder’s manual.

Hi Will,I thought I’d drop you a line to let you know that I got the T50 kit back to Hong Kong safely and have made some good progress during the week in my bedroom boatshed as you can see from the photos. The deck went on today so it feels like I’m turning for the home stretch now! Had no problems yet with it, everything is going together nicely although my bathroom is getting a little dusty! I sailed the T37 yesterday with the carbon spars and it went great. Will be in touch with the first sailing photos, regards,









Hi Will,
here’s some photos of the finished T50- I just need to put the mylar hatches on then it’s ready to go. I decided to put some Rodd Carr sails on to add to the effect, he had them to me in about 5 days! I finished the boat in 2 weeks total including going away for work a few times, it looks great. I think that the building urge has been satisfied for now considering we have done a T37 and T50 since the 18th of December- all in my bedroom with no power tools other than a battery drill!! Thanks again for your help Will, I think we will sail it tomorrow.

Matt is an Australian commercial airline pilot flying for Quantas Air and living in Hong Kong.

Leesburg, Florida.

I have hull 1002 and on 15 January 2011 I sailed the boat for the first time. Everything worked as it should have. I planked the deck with two different kinds of wood, and I made hatch covers over the radio and the rudder openings. The deck has 20 coats of marine varnish on and the hull has 15 coats. I thoroughly enjoyed building this boat. My wife painted the main sail with two red flowing stripes and and she painted the name Nord Vind on the sides of the boat.
Chris Russ


DSC_0249 DSC_0478 DSC_0912



  T37 Racing at the

Seattle Yacht Club

Seattle, Washington.

Thanks, Will. 
Many years ago, I bought two of your models in Seattle. They were the only model of yours in the store — what you call the T Class now, I guess — beautiful kits with the most amazing grain in the hull. Anyway, I brought them home, and my brother and I built them together one weekend and chased them around the bay in my little sailboat. We had a ball. 
My brother’s kids are still a bit young (6 and 4), but old enough for their Uncle Stevie to build them each their own boat and get the next generation hooked when the weather gets a bit warmer. Perhaps we’ll have all 4 out on the water together, with that same little DaySailer in hot pursuit. I can hear the giggling now. 
Thanks for still being out there.
Warmest Regards, and Happy New Year.

T37 and T27, Ontario, Canada.

Hi Will,
Here then are some of my pictures of the “T 37.”
She was finished mid Nov- 2010 and had lots of fun building this one also. She has only not seen water yet, too cold over here, hopefully somewhere in April and maybe even sooner!!

Theo Brunet


ethiopiaT37 Scott












T15 At a lake in Ethiopia