Swift Arrow Ultra Light Kayak (K14.5)




The Swift Arrow Kayak is an ultra-light weight 14.5 pound Sport Kayak. The Swift Arrow slices effortlessly through the waves and chop. Varnished or painted, this wooden Kayak looks gorgeous and performs beautifully. 

Made with perfect, quality western red cedar strips with tight, straight grain and the highest quality European Okume Marine plywood the kayak is an ultra-light full wood construction. The interior of the Swift Arrow is reinforced with unidirectional carbon fiber ribbons and a thick kevlar mat in the bottom of the cockpit for strength and support of weight of the kayaker. The kit is easy to build due to the simple building systems we have developed over 30 years of creating wooden boat kits and due to our detailed instructional videos (here: Kayak Building Instructions).




The kit comes with:


  • Pre-cut 1/4 inch western red cedar strips
  • Okume marine plywood deck and seat pieces
  • Sapele and honduras mahogany trim strips
  • Carbon fiber tubes and rods
  • Fiberglass cloth
  • Carbon fiber unidirectional ribbons and kevlar matting
  • Marine-grade epoxy, along with epoxy brushes and syringes
  • Laminated polyester film with diamond polyester scrim for back deck
  • Black nylon handle straps
  • Closed cell foam and sunbrella fabric for foam seat
  • MDF hull section pieces and long runners for the hull building strongback
  • … and more!


The current K14.5 model is designed for a passenger weight up to 165 pounds.

The K15.0 model is designed for a passenger weight up to 195 pounds.



Swift Arrow Kayak Kit: $1,524.00




Swift Arrow Kayak Finished.

Ready to launch. Call us at 1-360-966-7245 for availability and price.





Accessories for the Kayak


Kayak Paddle: $78.00

A 2-piece paddle that joins in the middle in order to allow the blades to be lined up or feathered. Testing multiple paddles has given us the confidence to recommend this light-weight, strong paddle which is easy to transport and compact for storage. 




Kayak Spray Skirt: $109.00

Although the K14.5 Kayak’s shape and coaming prevents most water and spray from entering the cockpit, the Kayak Spray Skirt will allow you to paddle in extreme conditions. Great for paddling through heavy waves! 




Simple Car-Top Kayak Carrying System: $35.00

Due to the K14.5 Kayak’s light-weight design, it is easy to lift onto the top of any car. The Simple Car-Top System includes a 1/2 inch foam pad for under the kayak, a heavy braided nylon cord for tying on, and full instructions. Note: tie-down carrying racks running from front to back along the edge of the car roof on each side are required for this system to function properly. Recommended for shorter distances and up to 50 mph. 




Advanced Car-Top Kayak Carrying System: $418.00

Heavier duty than the Simple System, the Advanced System is perfect for carrying the K14.5 for long distances at highway speeds. This system has a very secure hold on the boat. Includes bars that can attach to any car-top. The holders are specially designed so the K14.5 sits comfortably in straps that form a sling around the kayak to support it and to hold it safely and firmly. 




Fitted Sunbrella Kayak Cover: $375.00

Whether you are storing your K14.5 Kayak outdoors for prolonged periods or carrying your kayak on top of your car through sandstorms in the Mojave Desert, this cover will protect your beautiful boat. The cover comes in two parts that slide over the bow and stern to join at the middle. Tie the cover together where the two halves overlap in the center with the attached nylon ties. Sunbrella fabric is nearly 100% UV stable and even in constant sunlight, it will last for years. 




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