T52 Racing Sloop



The T52 Racing Sloop is another stunning design from Tippecanoe Boats! This boat has a big boat feel as it heels over and slices through the waves. Based on the highly successful T37 design, the T52 answers the call for a boat that is big and powerful and truly impressive, but still easily built and affordable.




In racing with the T50, the T52 holds its own very nicely and is almost equally fast even though it is a simpler design. For ease of building, exciting sailing with a big boat feeling and for affordability and beauty, you cannot beat the T52.



To see how easy it is to assemble the T52, you can go to the T37 building videos on YouTube by going www.YouTube.com and entering T37 Assembly. The T52 is virtually the same process with only minor variations. Building time is approximately 15 % longer than the T37 but primarily because the T52 is a bigger boat.




This is a great project for a beginner, first time builder or for an experienced master craftsman.



All of the materials are superb. Every detail is fully explained in the building instruction manual. Everything that you need to build and sail the T52 is included in the kit, except a small amount of paint and varnish and size AA batteries.




No insurance, no moorage, no maintenance and a big boat sailing experience enjoying a beautiful wooden yacht that you built yourself… it doesn’t get much better than this!




T52 Racing Sloop Kit, everything included: $675.00

Sail Colors:




Finished T52 Racing Sloop, ready to sail.

Please call 1-360-966-7245 for the availability of a finished T52 Racing Sloop.




Accessories for the T52 Racing Sloop



T52 Table Stand: $42.50




T52 Wall Stand: $34.50