admin Aug/ 25/ 2015 | 0

I’m in Connecticut!

Woke up at 4:30am, check. 5am traffic in Seattle, check. Long but expeditious security line, check.


Flight, check.


Fly into NY, check.


Meet ride (Reza) at JFK, check. Long (2-3hr) ride to New Haven (including an interesting conversation about AutoCAD among other things), check.


Meet my teammate Addy, check. In hotel room, check!


Addy one of my two roomies for the week (Sydney to arrive tomorrow) is lovely. We both were raaather tired earlier but it was a good evening. Soon to be brushing time!

Tomorrow we get to go to the Yale Corinthian Yacht Club, meet all the teams and practice some. Back in double handed boats! We’ll see if I can remember anything from the spring 😉

Until later!