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Looking for an exceptional model sailboat brought the Steven Soderbergh film crew to Tippecanoe Boats for the perfect, classic pond yacht. The choice was between the T37 and the T27, but for the indoors scene, the T27 seemed the perfect size, so it is the T27 Racing Sloop that appears in the film, ” Side Effects “. The character played by Rooney Mara gives the boat as a special gift to her guy after seeing the beautiful pond yachts and rc sailboats sailing on the model sailing pond in Central Park. All of the pond yachts sailing that day in Conservatory Water sailing pond were Tippecanoe boats as well by special arrangement with the New York owners of T37s, T27s and at least one T50. We supplied three identical boats for the filming, even though the film story only features one boat. Two boats were for filming scenes at different locations and the third boat was backup in case anything happened to either of the other boats. The film release is on February 8, 2013, and afterwards will be available on DVD.