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Day 2:
Drive <2 minutes (oh! driving on the left side of the road here, I am having the darnedest time getting used to that. Firstly it took me about 10 minutes when I got in the first car here to realize that the person in the front that I’d thought was driving was actually the passenger and we were on not the right side of the road. It keeps tripping me up.)

Anyways, <2 minute drive to boat pickup. (It reminds me of Venice how closely connected the water and land is here. Boats to get to work/around seem equally common as cars)

The other sailors here, Melany Johnson from Echart, coach Kevin Reali from Echart, Scott Ikle coach at William Smith, Charles Rees from Charleston and Hanz Henken who I already mentioned.
Tom (originally from Wales) the host for the visit expertly motor-boated us to Dockyard and the Oracle base though stunningly large and stunningly blue waves.

First thing I noticed walking into the breakfast room/central area was “so grey!” The dominant color was definitely grey. That is the apparel of all people in the room. The space it’s self is very light and bright and white but everyone pretty much wears what I’d say the “Oracle uniform”. It’s neat. Everyone is the team.
The second thing I noticed was the people that were in that room wearing those shirts. All the head-shots you see on the America’s Cup website and videos were there having breakfast. They are real people, they do exist and they’re also all really chill. Jimmy Spithill after introductions came to chat with us for a little while, what to say? yea, exactly.

I don’t know how I am going to have enough time to write about this day. So much happened!

We saw team debrief, toured all the sheds (hulls, wings, foils), in depth boat position tour with Andrew Campbell, look over of the Oracle Flying Phantoms (see below)

And since I can’t summarize the day the day because sooo much happened, here are the pictures and more tomorrow!


The old AC 45 outside


In that shed behind the bow is the first of three development-barn boat bays. (No pictures but fabulous wings and hulls and foils contained therein)


AC45 4

And the “toy” yard. Just a handful (lot) of moths and a couple flying phantoms. (down at the end, we looked at the phantoms in depth at the end of the day. Mini AC 45 foilers!


More coming sooon 😉