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Soo Bermuda,

The first two things I noticed in the first 10 second flying in. – Firstly all the houses are supper brightly colored. Bright pink, green, yellow, blue with white trim and roofs. – And then we flew over an etches and I thought to myself “I like this place”.

First glimpse of amazing Bermudian blue appearing out of the deep blue ocean.
First glimpse of amazing Bermudian blue appearing out of the deep blue ocean.

The feel here is entirely different from the US or anywhere I’ve ever been before. Architecture-wise it looks something like south-american-esk or maybe Ethiopia. Built for very warm weather.

We got to get off the plane via one of those sets of rolling stairs you see in movies and went into the airport for customs. The lady behind me was originally from Sweden who had moved to the US to practice Naval Law and was visiting Bermuda for a Naval Law conference (interesting I thought!).

I’d met John the Stanford coach getting onto the plane in New York. I found John after security and met Hanz Henken also from Stanford (graduated last year, is currently training for the Olympics next year in the 49er (training in four day blocks focusing on their weaknesses, day off, another four days, etc))

Long story short, after being picked up from the airport the afternoon consisted of afternoon tea at my host’s beach club with Frank & Nancy (family friends), walking the incredible¬†sand beach and a game of chess thrown in!

Chess & FrankSheree&Frank

Host mum Sheree and family friend Frank

I can’t get over the feel here. So very English. Walking into my host’s house (Sheree & Bruce) was like walking into my grandmother’s house. Older dark wood furniture, well arranged, very much an English feeling house. After talking with Bruce it does make sense. Bermuda is an English colony and Bruce’s family came here pretty much at the beginning (1618 with the first English being shipwrecked here in 1609) discovered in 1511.

Anyways, I haven’t even gotten to the America’s Cup facilities yet… soon!