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Going to be a fast post today but it was awesome day! Again a fabulous day of sailing. Great wind, great sun.


We had 9 fleet races today with a each sailors sailing 6 (due to teams having 6 people on account of them being team racing teams)

All the sailors are getting settling in to sailing 420s and have improved greatly from Tuesday but Sydney and I still have excellent boat speed and pulled of Snake Eyes in the first set (1ist-1ist) We continued our good start and finished the day with 1-1-1-OCS-4-1. Not bad for sailing against a fleet of very good sailors from around the world.

After fleet racing we sailed a handful of practice team races (just as much fun as yesterday!!) Tomorrow we’re going to sail 4-5 fleet races and then move into a team racing round robin.

After sailing we were served dinner at a fancy country club by the bay and took a group picture. (Group pic coming soon to this page)

The Sea Club 2 The Sea Culb TeamUSA-French dinner

More updates tomorrow!